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Spooling Up for Show Season

Herd Manager Kim Duprey introduces CCNF Bataclan to the concept of a halter while working in the roundpen.

Funny how just a few weeks ago we had dismissed winter as something that had come and gone. Then the temperatures dropped into the single digits again and now we are all of a sudden staring . . . → Read More: Spooling Up for Show Season

Picture, picture time – frozen tundra edition

Belle, Constellation, and Tipitina (hidden in the back) look upon Sam’s quad-copter with considerable wariness.

So one of the trickier aspects of putting animals into spring auctions is getting great promotional photos of them in the middle of the late winter or early spring. The choice for backdrop in northern New England this time . . . → Read More: Picture, picture time – frozen tundra edition

Better safe…

So the warm spell of about 10 days ago is mostly just a memory now as we don hats, gloves, and long underwear (if we’re smart) anytime we go out to work in the barns. I made the mistake of stepping outside yesterday for a farm visit without gloves on and found myself chattering my . . . → Read More: Better safe…

On the road again (and again)

Having unloaded the trailer from Syracuse show last night and gotten the show animals back into their pens by 9:15 or so, yours truly was home for all of 10 hours before heading back onto the road earlier today to bring Cameron back to our partner’s farm (Emelise Alpacas) in NJ. Oh, woe is you . . . → Read More: On the road again (and again)

Adventures in birthing

What are you looking at fool? Reality gives me the evil eye while nursing her new baby yesterday afternoon.

What were you doing Wednesday morning @ 6AM? Personally, I was snuggled all nice and cozy underneath the quilt on our bed in that lovely state of semi-consciousness one gets to experience when you have . . . → Read More: Adventures in birthing

Empire state of mind

This could get ugly before we're through. Three fawn females from Tripping Gnome Farm, including the eventual Champion, with three handlers from CCNF. Sam Lutz quietly schools his parents (again). Photograph courtesy of Doug Herrmann.

I really do enjoy being at alpaca shows once we’re there at a given event, all setup and . . . → Read More: Empire state of mind

NAFD, a (small grey) changing of the guard, and other misadventures

What a whirlwind 4 days we’ve had here on the farm. Saturday dawned and the mountainside seemed to wake up in a cloud in more ways than one. Though the fog did burn off by late morning, I will admit now that we went into National Alpaca Farm Days, last weekend with a bit of . . . → Read More: NAFD, a (small grey) changing of the guard, and other misadventures

Happy to pay the pros!

While I don’t know what I might be doing with my life right now were we not running this farm, there is one thing I can say unequivocally that it would not be: hauling alpacas for a living. Much as it pains me to contemplate it, perhaps I am starting to show my age just . . . → Read More: Happy to pay the pros!

Not amused

CCNF, 4/23/11 at 5:30 PM

We are Yankees, we are a complaining people. It’s in our blood. Leaving aside the fact that our town had finally come in and graded the road we live on from the bottom of the hill where it begins all the way to our mailbox, this is just tedious. . . . → Read More: Not amused

Get your hats and mittens boys and girls…

Because it’s herd health time (cue streamers, fireworks, and maybe even dancing girls jumping out of cakes)! I can barely contain my enthusiasm. There are some months that herd health day isn’t really that bad of a chore. Especially like last month…when I managed to slink/slither/skulk my way out of participating at all. In my . . . → Read More: Get your hats and mittens boys and girls…