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Spooling Up for Show Season

Herd Manager Kim Duprey introduces CCNF Bataclan to the concept of a halter while working in the roundpen.

Funny how just a few weeks ago we had dismissed winter as something that had come and gone. Then the temperatures dropped into the single digits again and now we are all of a sudden staring . . . → Read More: Spooling Up for Show Season

The Parasites We Love…

Back off trainer-man: we’ve got perfectly good dead grass to eat out here! Accomayo, Quadratic, Antares, Mirror Image, Reflektor, and Dropshot eye yours truly suspiciously earlier this afternoon.

That is the term of endearment around these parts for our crias as they approach 6 months of age and continue, often without real need or . . . → Read More: The Parasites We Love…

Getting the band back together one last time.

Tessora, Capuchin, Sugar Plum, (Moonbeam’s arse), and Freedom Reign enjoying some time in the sunshine today at the CCNF Main Barn.

As of this past weekend, virtually all of the animals that are going to be a part of our spring show strings over the next month and a half were together in one . . . → Read More: Getting the band back together one last time.

This and that (cold toes edition)

Are they getting ready to train weanling alpacas or rob a bank? Jen Lutz and Kim Duprey outside the Main Barn with CCNF Eldunari and CCNF Treacherous.

Several takeaways from the past 4 days since we got back from our February break, visiting my parents in the warmer climes of the Caribbean.

1. This . . . → Read More: This and that (cold toes edition)

Getting ready for Green Mountain

Who’s training whom? Max and CCNF Legionnaire go for a walk around our patio this past Monday morning. This coming weekend will be Max’s first time in a regular halter class as a solo handler.

So here we are less than 48 hours away from loading up the trailer and heading not quite 100 . . . → Read More: Getting ready for Green Mountain

Rounding into form

Though we have not been helped by the cold/flu/stomach-bug-to-be-named-later making its way through the ranks of the CCNF alpaca trainers, it is possible now with just over a week to go before we head down to Springfield, MA for this year’s edition of the North American Alpaca Show, to see the light at the end . . . → Read More: Rounding into form

The gang is all here

Weaner females at the CCNF Main Barn on this bright sunny morning, left to right: Eternal Rose, Lycia, Melange (behind the feeder), Fleur, Totally Scrumptious, Moonbeam, Andean Majesty, and Sweet Escape.

















At least that can be said of . . . → Read More: The gang is all here

Walk this way

Though it hasn’t yet showed up on the calendar, to the knowing eye Spring has arrived here on the farm already. The soaking rain which hit us earlier in the week pretty much wiped out our snow pack so that all of the farm’s Herdsires, show animals, and weaners at the two lower barns are . . . → Read More: Walk this way

Moving into launch position

With the the entire crew here lending a hand this past Monday, we made short work of herd health day. Though I had to take off around 2PM to fetch the kiddos from school, by the time I returned it was all done. Done! Though I can’t seem to put my finger on it exactly, . . . → Read More: Moving into launch position

Circular dreams

It’s always this time of year when we first start to think seriously about which juvenile animals out of the previous year’s birth class will take up roster spots on the spring show strings. We know it’s going to be a full one — we already have our usual row of pens reserved at the . . . → Read More: Circular dreams