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Some sequels are worthy of the original.

We are not normally in the habit of making frequent birth announcements here at CCNF Chronicles for the simple reason that if we did so regularly, this blog might be little else, what with 70+ little farts being born here each year. However, it is not everyday that the cria in question is the full . . . → Read More: Some sequels are worthy of the original.

Early Summer Roundup

Unloading the mental desk drawer of the CCNF blogger while wondering which alpaca female it is that I forgot to get bred this morning…’cause it’s that time of year.

Bombing around the Norwegian fjords north of the Arctic Circle, Sam and Jen forgot their sunglasses before we all went up on deck. They can . . . → Read More: Early Summer Roundup

Surrogate dams to the rescue (again).

Let’s face it, with a herd our size bad stuff just happens sometimes. This is particularly true where the question of our production females are concerned. With 70 to 80 expectant females each calendar year, the odds of us going through a full birthing season drama-free are pretty much nonexistent. Even with 17 years of . . . → Read More: Surrogate dams to the rescue (again).

Opal has a girl…

Opal and her new little girl as seen from Sam Lutz’s quad-copter drone on a beautiful June afternoon. Life is good.

She is known simply by my better half as “my Opal.” And may the powers that be rise to protect you if you are foolish enough to speak ill of her in Jennifer’s . . . → Read More: Opal has a girl…

Welcome, little one…

The first cria of 2014 (Snowmass Conopa’s Kahuna x CCNF Golden Bliss) enjoys a nurse off of her mama and then a nap. Life is good.

So after several weeks of being on cria watch, we finally had the first baby of 2014 born here yesterday afternoon! And, yes, if you’re wondering: we do . . . → Read More: Welcome, little one…

Thank you!

I’m sitting here today as the parent of a newly minted high school freshman. So far, so good. I think it’s safe to say that Sammy’s parents were at least as nervous about him making the big jump up yesterday as he was. At the moment though I’m just enjoying the fact that for the . . . → Read More: Thank you!

Life as a blur

Some time over the past couple of weeks we officially passed the halfway mark of our 2013 birthing season. That is to say that there are now more crias on the ground romping around the pastures than there are due females in our maternity pens. I can’t honestly tell you when it was, or the . . . → Read More: Life as a blur


So that’s why my wife wanted a pool when we rebuilt our house 3+ years ago?! To think that I thought it was about swimming and drinking beer on hot summer days!

CCNF Seraphim, one of the core group of mature Archangel daughters that in many ways forms the back bone of our light colored . . . → Read More: Hydrotherapy

Tinkerbell gets a new mommy

While we had hoped to try grafting our orphaned premie, Tinkerbell, onto the next experienced female that gave birth here anyway, sometimes a situation presents itself that is just too good to be true. Not that there wasn’t a dark side to this latest occurrence: Fawn Angel, who has been a part of our herd . . . → Read More: Tinkerbell gets a new mommy

Oh, baby!

I’ve always had to remind myself to enjoy the calm whenever it is present this time of year. So often we are just dodging the proverbial trees throughout our summer birthing season, and this past week was a perfect example. Just 8 days ago we had a little dismature female born to our female, Alexandra. . . . → Read More: Oh, baby!