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Taking a deeper look.

Jen calibrating the OFDA 2000 in the fleece room of the CCNF Arena.

So this is really what it has come down to? As mid-life crisis acquisitions go, I suppose that the purchase of our own OFDA 2000 fiber testing machine is a constructive one at least. It’s certainly safer, better for the environment, . . . → Read More: Taking a deeper look.

CCNF at the 2016 AOA National Fleece Show

Hey, ever wonder why those that work in Washington, D.C. and have a choice in the matter, get the heck out of Dodge during the dog days of summer? The Lutz family became intimately familiar with the answer a couple of weeks back, while using the presence of the AOA National Fleece Conference and Show, . . . → Read More: CCNF at the 2016 AOA National Fleece Show

Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #2

Amid the chaos that was Cas-Cad-Nac Farm in the month of June, Jennifer spent several weeks trying to carve out the time to properly skirt our 45 entries for the National Fleece Show in Denver. Something that would have normally gotten done weeks in advance — we sheared at the end of April/beginning of May . . . → Read More: Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #2

CCNF Results from the PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase Fleece Show

CCF Bellagio at the 2012 Futurity where he helped his sire, MFI Peruvian Precocious, win the Futurity Reserve Herdsire of the Year!

Here is another batch of results from the 2nd of the spring fleece shows we were in back in May. PAOBA marked the final show for all of these fleeces, all of . . . → Read More: CCNF Results from the PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase Fleece Show

Show string selection time

Here we are just a little over a month away from the first show of the fall season (“season” is perhaps a little generous, it’s only two shows for us) and we now have to make our selections for the upcoming show rosters. While there are of course the top 7 or 8 alpacas from . . . → Read More: Show string selection time

It’s the fleece, stupid!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Three quarters of the Lutz family (though oddly enough not the mother) at CCNF are spending the day recovering from the 3 day shearing juggernaut that finally came to a merciful conclusion around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. We ended up doing 66 critters on the final day, . . . → Read More: It’s the fleece, stupid!

Shearing prep

The really good news around here is that the cycle of seemingly endless dry weather finally went on hiatus while we were away at the Futurity a couple of weeks ago. The bad news though is that now that spring has decided to act like itself again, it is insisting on raining in the days . . . → Read More: Shearing prep

Which of these critters are not like the others?

Just a little photographic teaser today. Below are six fiber shots taken last week. One of the animals featured has won a banner before and is slated to start working as a legit Herdsire this coming spring. Two others are on the outside looking in of the depth chart for white males born in 2011 . . . → Read More: Which of these critters are not like the others?

A week in pictures

Yes, the sun does come out in Vermont sometimes, you just wouldn't know it from the last few days!

It’s been a while since I’ve gone three days without polluting cyberspace with something here on the blog. A sign of the times. The effort of prepping 30 fleeces for Nationals (that would be Jen, . . . → Read More: A week in pictures