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Naked Alpacas

Last week we had the first 2 of our 3 shearing days here at at the farm. Proceedings got under way on Thursday with the entire population of the CCNF Main Barn — virtually all of the 2015 birth class, our yearling males, and our spring show critters, male and female — getting trucked uphill . . . → Read More: Naked Alpacas


So after 2 days of shearing, we have 145 of the 211 total animals we are doing this year done! All of our adult Herdsires, yearling and juvenile males and females, as well as any of our pregnant females that are due in June, all have groovy new haircuts as of this morning. Someone said . . . → Read More: Interlude

Thank you!

I’m sitting here today as the parent of a newly minted high school freshman. So far, so good. I think it’s safe to say that Sammy’s parents were at least as nervous about him making the big jump up yesterday as he was. At the moment though I’m just enjoying the fact that for the . . . → Read More: Thank you!

They’re sexy and they know it

Our group of shorn juvenile females enjoys some green grass on late Sunday afternoon.

Mother Nature was toying with us yesterday on our last scheduled shearing day of 2013. I got back from dropping the boys off at school and pulled into the Arena’s parking lot here at the farm only to see snow . . . → Read More: They’re sexy and they know it

Shearing scenes

The fleece room at the CCNF Arena yesterday evening after the action. Each blanket was roughly skirted and then rolled up in brown paper for later processing and/or further skirting for show.

We just got through the first 2 of 3 days of shearing here. All told, we sheared some 140+ animals Wednesday and . . . → Read More: Shearing scenes

Tree dodging

Some parts of each year are just like this. We of course try to be as proactive as possible about things both in our family life as well as with stuff pertaining to the animals in the herd (as if that were really separate) but ultimately there come moments — and suspiciously they seem to . . . → Read More: Tree dodging

It’s the fleece, stupid!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Three quarters of the Lutz family (though oddly enough not the mother) at CCNF are spending the day recovering from the 3 day shearing juggernaut that finally came to a merciful conclusion around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. We ended up doing 66 critters on the final day, . . . → Read More: It’s the fleece, stupid!

Elixir gets naked!

Day 1 of shearing 2012 is in the books and we ended up doing a nice round 70 alpacas today. Only 137 to go!

Below is the video I shot this morning of Futurity Judges’ Choice winner, CCNF Elixir, getting shorn. Minus a blip just before the blanket gets finished it’s pretty much start to . . . → Read More: Elixir gets naked!

Catching a break…

Funny isn’t it how back in early April we were so desperate for rain and it wouldn’t come, yet with two days to go before shearing we just got over 1.5″. To put that in perspective, had it been cold out that would have been the largest single snow fall of the winter of 2011/2012! . . . → Read More: Catching a break…

Shearing prep

The really good news around here is that the cycle of seemingly endless dry weather finally went on hiatus while we were away at the Futurity a couple of weeks ago. The bad news though is that now that spring has decided to act like itself again, it is insisting on raining in the days . . . → Read More: Shearing prep