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Look At Where We Are, Look At Where We Started: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm Turns 20

Just getting warmed up: the Lutz family in 2005 outside of the CCNF Main Barn. Though this photo was more of an outtake from a series snapped by our friend, Jen Esposito, to those people that know them well, this pic pretty much encapsulates our boys’ personalities, both then and now.

Most everyone that . . . → Read More: Look At Where We Are, Look At Where We Started: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm Turns 20

Getting ready for a long winter’s nap?

After a fall that felt particularly chaotic, one would think that things would chill out around here as the days grow increasingly shorter and we stare down the winter solstice. We had after all gone through (in no particular order): a double show in Syracuse, a weekend auction in Oregon, Jen spending days on end . . . → Read More: Getting ready for a long winter’s nap?

Winter Meanderings


CCNF Cosmopolitan (CCNF Elixir x CCNF Gabbana) enjoys a rare snowy day in January.

It sure has been a strange winter here in Vermont so far. While alpaca friends of ours as far south as Maryland had 3 feet of snow fall in a single event a couple of weeks back — I . . . → Read More: Winter Meanderings

Happy Weanerdays!


A couple of Invictus boys, Grandeur and Marcello, contemplate their new surroundings.

So, it has begun. “It,” being the first members of the CCNF birth class of 2015 getting weaned from their dams. One of the great advantages to managing our crias the way we do, is that when an animal is weaned, . . . → Read More: Happy Weanerdays!

Fall Transitions

Jen and I got to spend an amazing 5 days with Ole Erik and Laila Sjøli and their wonderful kids in Norway last week. Their farm, Alpacajoy of Norway, had purchased several animals from us over the past couple of years and this was a chance to both hang with our new friends as well . . . → Read More: Fall Transitions

Into Summer…

Wow, the last few weeks feel like they took place at double speed and one result of that, is that this space has been conspicuously neglected. We went from putting the final touches on our new farm cookbook (read: immersed in proofreading and the annoying minutiae until we really didn’t feel like looking at it . . . → Read More: Into Summer…

Positioning for the cold months ahead

With the end of our fall show season and the last cria birth of 2014 — finally, after I seemingly jinxed it almost a month beforehand — we have recently put the farm back into its fall/winter footing. The most obvious sign of this was the taking down of all of our internal fencing we . . . → Read More: Positioning for the cold months ahead

Summer daze

Random mutterings on a Tuesday afternoon:

It is believed around these parts that when the Goldenrod starts to emerge on the roadsides and in the fields, that it is a sure sign that summer is winding down. Of course that’s just one sign of many. I must admit that I gave a great incredulous sigh . . . → Read More: Summer daze

Getting the band back together one last time.

Tessora, Capuchin, Sugar Plum, (Moonbeam’s arse), and Freedom Reign enjoying some time in the sunshine today at the CCNF Main Barn.

As of this past weekend, virtually all of the animals that are going to be a part of our spring show strings over the next month and a half were together in one . . . → Read More: Getting the band back together one last time.

All together now…

Jen, Sam, and Kim busy shoveling out the larger of the two corrals of the CCNF Stud Barn this morning.

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. Though it was difficult to tell exactly how much snow last night’s blizzard had left us because of the wind having blown it all over . . . → Read More: All together now…