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CCNF Elixir to be closed for future outside breedings.

CCNF Elixir at A Paca Fun Farm in Maryland. Photo by Bari Padgett

CCNF Elixir at A Paca Fun Farm in Maryland. Photo by Bari Padgett

The headline really kind of covers it, don’t you think?

The details though: as of July 1st, 2016, CCNF Elixir, our beige Futurity Champion and Judges’ Choice winner — whom we co own with our friends the Padgett family at A Paca Fun Farm — will be closed to all future outside stud services. This means that any of you fence-sitters out there, now have 30 days to put down a 50% deposit if you in fact still want to buy a breeding to our very special boy. Is it a lot of money (5K) for a breeding? Heck, yes. And for the right female, worth every cent. The show results his first two cria crops have generated over the past 12+ months, have been eye opening to say the least. That type of consistent excellence really just speaks for itself.

Elixir’s closure means that going forward the only way other breeders will be able to get a breeding to him after 7/1/16, will be to purchase a female from either CCNF or A Paca Fun Farm that is either bred to him already, or an open female that comes with a future Elixir breeding included.

Hmm…what young females do we know of that fall into that category and have close relatives that have produced rock-star offspring when bred to said Herdsire? Oh, yeah! Maybe her…or her! Or you could always forgo the make your-own-plan and just buy Elixir’s superlative son, Leviathan instead. I heard somewhere there was an alpaca auction coming up this weekend?! 😉

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