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CCNF Wins 2017 Futurity Large Breeder of the Year!

There’s not a whole lot to add to that headline, right? Perhaps the only point I would make for the upteenth time since starting this blog and the newsletter of the same name which preceded it years ago, would be that like any plaudit from the alpaca show world, it is best to step back and view the long term trend. We would argue that winning a Breeder of the Year award from the Futurity, now for our 4th time in 20 years, is above all a mark of consistency and quality production over time. We totally get it that to do as well as we did this past April, things had to break just so. Though even with that caveat, we are of course very proud of the accomplishment and what it signifies, even if it quite honestly doesn’t change our long term view or strategic thinking about our breeding program at all, but rather just offers some affirmation that we are hopefully headed in the right direction. Thanks as always to all of our friends and colleagues who helped make this all possible in a myriad of ways, you all know who you are! Onward we go!

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