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Thank You to Foster’s Trail & Alpaca Farm and Nuevo Mundo Alpaca!

CCNF Adanna (left) and CCNF Charmaine.

Many thanks to Susan & Peter Goodwin of Foster’s Trail & Alpaca Farm for their purchase of CCNF Adanna and to Elizabeth Ferguson and Jose Palma of Nuevo Mundo Alpaca for their purchase of CCNF Charmaine, both at the 2017 Parade of Champions Auction last weekend! Each of those females represents a really good shot at making the same exciting genetic cocktail in the short term — combining the genetics of CCNF Elixir with those of Snowmass Matrix Majesty — albeit from opposite sides of the same playing field.

Though one would think that we might be immune to such emotions as we begin our 21st year in the alpaca business, we remain in awe whenever people make such a significant outlay in order to acquire our animals. There are obviously any number of excellent alpaca breeding programs out there and so we are always grateful any time folks choose to put their trust in ours. Needless to say, we very much look forward to working with both Foster’s Trail and Nuevo Mundo in the months and years to come!

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