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Little Man Living Large: CCNF Sentinel getting ready for big things in Germany!

Sentinel and his new owner, Cornelia Kerscher of Sun Star Alpacas, at the CCNF Main Barn in September.

We are thrilled to officially announce that our young future Herdsire, CCNF Sentinel, is headed to Sun Star Alpacas in Germany! His journey, which will wind its way through Canada, as it so often does when exporting US animals to the EU, in fact starts tomorrow when he will enter our quarantine facility here and he and a companion will begin the 90 days of isolation and testing necessary to cross our northern border.

Sentinel came into this world bearing the burden of being the baby brother of one of our all time greats: Futurity Champion, CCNF Leviathan (now owned by our friends at Stillmeadow Alpacas). Though as it turned out, we really need not have worried. As he has grown and developed, Sentinel has shown that he is in all likelihood at least his older brother’s equal and it was no surprise that even as a juvenile, he pulled off a Championship in what turned out to be both his debut as well as his only North American appearances in a show ring at the Showtacular in Syracuse. While there is of course a part of us that imagines what we might have done with this little tank of Elixir/Majesty awesomeness here on his birth farm, we know that he is going to make an amazing impact for his new owners and be an excellent representation of everything we’ve tried to accomplish here thus far at CCNF. To Cornelia Kerscher and her husband Daniel Weinfurter at Sun Star: thank you for putting your trust in us and our breeding program, we look forward to working together in the years to come, and seeing pictures of Sentinel and his future offspring on your farm! Vielen Dank, meine Freunde! Hey, somebody told me they have decent beer in Germany too, we might just have to go and verify that claim…:-)

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A grand beginning: Sentinel at the 2017 Empire Extravaganza and a fleece picture inset that Daniel and Conny shot with their phone! And to think that just 10 years ago we were paying 3K+ for a DSLR camera that wasn’t nearly as proficient…



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