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Two Very Special Females for the Priority Auction in Las Vegas!

CCNF Rainbow Pulse, Lot #10 at the Priority Alpaca Auction.

We are very excited to announce that we are returning to the Priority auction in Las Vegas as consignors for the first time in several years! Needless to say though, this is not our first rodeo and I will be the first to admit that auctions can be nervy affairs. There are few easier ways in the alpaca business to make oneself either: A. feel like you’re on top of the world because you have consigned something really special that was subsequently rewarded by the recognition of multiple bidders/buyers as such, or B. as though after years of careful selection and breeding, blood, sweat, and tears, etc…you clearly had no effing clue what it was you were doing and now you have the lack of bids on your lot(s) to prove it too! As we begin our 21st year of breeding alpacas here at Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, we have certainly ridden the the full breath of that emotional spectrum, multiple times over: you win some and you lose some, that’s just the reality. That said, we have always felt that all we can do where the sale of our alpacas is concerned — whether selling them privately or at auction — is to put our best foot forward though and keep showing up. The track record, is the track record after all and over the course of time it rarely misleads or embellishes. And we will gladly put our track record, both of the animals we’ve produced and the way we have treated our customers over the past 2 decades, up for scrutiny any day of the week.

CCNF Sugar Crush, Lot #20 at the Priority Alpaca Auction

Though we feel continuously honored to be invited to participate in the Parade of Champions sale, held every May/June at Little Creek Farm, we have also been conscious in recent years, that would-be buyers of white and light colored animals at the POC, come to that auction predominantly looking for the bloodlines that the host farm’s breeding program is famous for, as well they should. We have thus found ourselves looking for an auction outlet for our elite-quality whites and lights, because in case you haven’t heard, we do play in that end of the color spectrum too.

That is how we have found ourselves consigning two very special yearling females to the upcoming Priority auction to be held in Vegas on January 19th and 20th! Both females, CCNF Rainbow Pulse (CCNF Couture x Snowmass Matrix Majesty, Lot #10) and CCNF Sugar Crush (CCNF Sugar Love x CCNF Centurion, Lot #20) though related paternally (Pulsey’s sire is Crush’s paternal grandsire), come from distinct maternal lines in our breeding program. Rainbow Pulse’s maternal line originated years ago with our acquisition of her great-great-granddam, Fashionably Late, from Lori Walker and Larry Scheer at the Farm at Rainbow’s End, while Sugar Crush’s line originated with her crabby great-great-granddam, Starlit Snow (a Peruvian Hemingway daughter), who joined our program way back in 2002 (and is still with us today!), which in the alpaca world feels like another time and place entirely. Please click on the links (or the pictures) above for greater detail on either of our consignments but suffice it to say, we feel as though even just as they are, that both Pulse and Crush represent something truly special at the Priority, which is of course the whole point of an auction in the first place. That either of them comes with a future breeding which can potentially be used with either 2017 Futurity Herdsire of the Year, CCNF Elixir (who is otherwise closed) or his 2017 Futurity/NAAS/NAE Champion son, CCNF Bataclan (who is poised to become the Next Big Thing here for us in 2018), just makes the possibilities that much more enticing! We hope to see many of you in Las Vegas!

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