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Cas-Cad-Nac Farm was purchased by us (Ian & Jen Lutz) in 1995 for the sole purpose of starting an alpaca breeding farm. At the time we were just looking for a place that was in good enough condition to move into and had some open acreage. The first barn (what came to be know as the Main Barn) was completed in 1997 and the first members of the herd arrived that fall. Since that time a lot has happened, not least of which was the birth of our two sons, Sam and Max, in 1998 and 2001 respectively. Nowadays CCNF has grown to be a much bigger operation (200+ animals, 3 barns, 6 full time staff including ourselves) than we had quite frankly ever envisioned in the beginning though we are here doing what we love (and are apparently somewhat competent at too) and we find ourselves continually energized by the experience.

This blog in particular is the byproduct of having produced and mailed a quarterly newsletter for the past 11 years. While the writing in some of those hardcopy newsletters was admittedly better than in others (ok, some of the writing was just atrocious) it was always a fun way to keep the greater alpaca world informed about what was happening here at CCNF. The newsletter was always part journal, part how-to guide, and of course a venue for marketing our farm and its animals. Our hope is that the new CCNF Chronicles will continue to be all of that with the added ability to include some media content that would not otherwise be possible as well as allowing for some inter-activeness with the blog’s readers. Please enjoy and thanks for reading!