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2012: 1st Place Finishes, Championships, and Specialty Awards

It’s that time again, when we look back at the previous year’s show winnings and howl at the moon for just a moment or two. 2012 marked Cas-Cad-Nac Farm’s 15th anniversary and as one might reasonably expect of a program that has been around that long, our winnings reflect the cumulative effect of careful and . . . → Read More: 2012: 1st Place Finishes, Championships, and Specialty Awards

Vegas Baby!

We are proud to officially announce our participation in the upcoming Priority Alpaca Auction, taking place on Jan 25th & 26th in Las Vegas, NV! Having checked out the sale a couple of years ago just as attendees, we know what a first class event Silver Penn Sales and TnT Farms puts on there. The . . . → Read More: Vegas Baby!

2011 1sts, Championships, and Specialty Awards

Yes, it’s the shameless pat-ourselves-on-the-back-for-walking-in-circles post here at CCNF Chronicles. For years a similar edition of the hard copy newsletter would hit the mail around the 15th of January filled with show results and glossy photos. Well, kind of the same idea here except that I’m two weeks late, the photos aren’t glossy (pixely?), and . . . → Read More: 2011 1sts, Championships, and Specialty Awards

A closer look at the Avenger girls

I finally got a chance yesterday to snap several shots of Avenger’s two daughters while up at the Arena facilitating (vs. doing which would mean something else entirely) some late season breeding. The cool thing about these two little girls is that though their dams are both Ring of Fire kids, they come from completely . . . → Read More: A closer look at the Avenger girls

So that’s why we have a warm room!

The warm room at the Arena pretty much paid for itself today. Jen went up to do morning check this morning at 6AM and found that Blossom had given birth to a happy, healthy, dark fawn female. That the baby was up and walking with mom’s placenta already expelled and cold means that it was . . . → Read More: So that’s why we have a warm room!

Avenger’s first cria at CCNF

Avenger's as yet unnamed daughter cushes next to her mom, Concordia. Please note the stylish and contrasting yellow dog sweater. All the rage during Fashion Week.

While we were off last weekend walking in circles at the Green Mountain Show, our four year old Herdsire, CCNF Avenger, very quietly wrote his name in . . . → Read More: Avenger’s first cria at CCNF

Getting some first impressions

With 12+ crias on the ground here, Jen and Kim have been starting to shear some little ones over the past several days. I know breeders have different ideas about when and how to shear their crias and for us it’s all really just based upon what we’ve experienced. Namely that by waiting until a . . . → Read More: Getting some first impressions

Avenger’s first!

Happy Hearts Bonita, CCNF Avenger x CCNF Saline

I was tickled the other day when a friend of ours, Sue Monat of Happy Hearts Alpaca Farm, sent me a photo of a newborn female cria. The little girl in question had just been delivered by Saline, the SuperNova daughter they had bought from us . . . → Read More: Avenger’s first!

A grudge we can live with

So after a week of some pretty intense birth/death/birth/death/birth pendulum swings we were thrilled when one of our foundation females just had a good old run of the mill delivery. No drama, no intrigue. Just a normal, healthy, and pretty interesting looking King of Ladies boy. Hurrah for boring. Not that we were allowed to . . . → Read More: A grudge we can live with

On Deck

There has been a shift in the daily schedule here necessitated by the time of year. Specifically there are females that are now 10.5 months removed from the date on which they were bred. Though the average gestation here has historically gone some 11 months and 10 days or so we have learned the hard . . . → Read More: On Deck