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Welcome little one…

It’s all good in the end: CCNF La Vie en Rose and her new little girl share a quiet moment last night.

We had our first cria of 2013 born on Tuesday morning, though not without some drama. Oh no, wouldn’t want the first birth in almost 6 months to be routine and easy. . . . → Read More: Welcome little one…

Thank You Priority!

We arrived home at midday today to find that all was more or less calm on the farm. This after being away at the Priority sale in Las Vegas since Wednesday of last week. I’m now sitting here contemplating the weekend that just was while the snow quietly falls outside (they’re saying we could get . . . → Read More: Thank You Priority!

Putting our faith in the next generation.

Brothers in Arms at the Empire Trifecta, our winning Get of Sire AND Breeders Best Three entry, front to back: CCNF Defiance, CCNF Elixir, and CCNF Hyperion

Some big news here. We are pleased to announce that after 2 1/2 years of co-owning Snowmass Elite Legend in partnership with both Snowmass Alpacas and Tripping . . . → Read More: Putting our faith in the next generation.

On the road again (and again)

Having unloaded the trailer from Syracuse show last night and gotten the show animals back into their pens by 9:15 or so, yours truly was home for all of 10 hours before heading back onto the road earlier today to bring Cameron back to our partner’s farm (Emelise Alpacas) in NJ. Oh, woe is you . . . → Read More: On the road again (and again)

Happy 4th of July!

Marguerite's little girl, all dried off, yesterday afternoon.

Aside from the fact that there may be some fuses lit later tonight, today is really just another midsummer’s day here at CCNF. We did finally have our first cria born in over a week early yesterday morning. It always makes us a little nervous when . . . → Read More: Happy 4th of July!

Emptying out the desk drawer…

1. Now that we’re back home for the foreseeable future, the boys (Sam and Max) and I took 4 of our Herdsires up to the Arena late this morning to commence the season’s breeding shenanigans in earnest. Max was along for the ride more out of boredom honestly — both headed to camp soon for . . . → Read More: Emptying out the desk drawer…

Tree dodging

Some parts of each year are just like this. We of course try to be as proactive as possible about things both in our family life as well as with stuff pertaining to the animals in the herd (as if that were really separate) but ultimately there come moments — and suspiciously they seem to . . . → Read More: Tree dodging

NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

All together now: the winning CCNF/TGF Get of Sire entry for Snowmass Elite Legend featuring (left to right) CCNF Hyperion, CCNF Elixir, and TGF Snow Legend. The 8 members of the Lutz and Munro families were all very happy with the result but SO ready to sleep in their own beds again by the . . . → Read More: NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

2011 1sts, Championships, and Specialty Awards

Yes, it’s the shameless pat-ourselves-on-the-back-for-walking-in-circles post here at CCNF Chronicles. For years a similar edition of the hard copy newsletter would hit the mail around the 15th of January filled with show results and glossy photos. Well, kind of the same idea here except that I’m two weeks late, the photos aren’t glossy (pixely?), and . . . → Read More: 2011 1sts, Championships, and Specialty Awards

Promotion to the Stud Barn Part 2: CCNF Invictus

Invictus as a yearling at last falls' Green Mountain show. Was it 'da shoes? Probably not.

We had some suspicions about this young fellow when he first hit the ground. He just looked other. Admittedly when we bred Invictus’ dam Opal with his sire, Precocious, we were hoping for something a little darker than . . . → Read More: Promotion to the Stud Barn Part 2: CCNF Invictus