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Some sequels are worthy of the original.

We are not normally in the habit of making frequent birth announcements here at CCNF Chronicles for the simple reason that if we did so regularly, this blog might be little else, what with 70+ little farts being born here each year. However, it is not everyday that the cria in question is the full . . . → Read More: Some sequels are worthy of the original.

2016 Parade of Champions, Lot #16: CCNF Leviathan

CCNF Leviathan (CCNF Capuchin x CCNF Elixir)

And then…there is this guy. CCNF Leviathan represents perhaps the most advanced animal we have ever offered for sale over our 19+ years of breeding alpacas. He is the amalgam of some pretty exciting genetic alchemy that really got cooking here some 13 years ago with the . . . → Read More: 2016 Parade of Champions, Lot #16: CCNF Leviathan

Opal has a girl…

Opal and her new little girl as seen from Sam Lutz’s quad-copter drone on a beautiful June afternoon. Life is good.

She is known simply by my better half as “my Opal.” And may the powers that be rise to protect you if you are foolish enough to speak ill of her in Jennifer’s . . . → Read More: Opal has a girl…

Getting the band back together one last time.

Tessora, Capuchin, Sugar Plum, (Moonbeam’s arse), and Freedom Reign enjoying some time in the sunshine today at the CCNF Main Barn.

As of this past weekend, virtually all of the animals that are going to be a part of our spring show strings over the next month and a half were together in one . . . → Read More: Getting the band back together one last time.

An Alpaca Show Odyssey

The Crib Notes Version

It must be an alpaca road trip! Sam pushes our dolly towards the hotel elevator on Wednesday morning, 4/17 with some 150+ lb. of water jugs. His relative good cheer given that this was taken at 5:30 AM was most likely because of the fact that we were on our . . . → Read More: An Alpaca Show Odyssey

North American show recap

There is considerable history for us with the North American Alpaca Show, the vast majority of it good. For starters, having helped to run the show itself throughout its first 10 years of existence, it has managed to ingrain/ingratiate itself into our little family‚Äôs annual rhythm. In fact as I was coming to around 5:15 . . . → Read More: North American show recap