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Surrogate dams to the rescue (again).

Let’s face it, with a herd our size bad stuff just happens sometimes. This is particularly true where the question of our production females are concerned. With 70 to 80 expectant females each calendar year, the odds of us going through a full birthing season drama-free are pretty much nonexistent. Even with 17 years of . . . → Read More: Surrogate dams to the rescue (again).

Opal has a girl…

Opal and her new little girl as seen from Sam Lutz’s quad-copter drone on a beautiful June afternoon. Life is good.

She is known simply by my better half as “my Opal.” And may the powers that be rise to protect you if you are foolish enough to speak ill of her in Jennifer’s . . . → Read More: Opal has a girl…

Welcome little one…

It’s all good in the end: CCNF La Vie en Rose and her new little girl share a quiet moment last night.

We had our first cria of 2013 born on Tuesday morning, though not without some drama. Oh no, wouldn’t want the first birth in almost 6 months to be routine and easy. . . . → Read More: Welcome little one…

Invictus is fully operational!

CCNF Invictus

We are excited to announce that our young Champion Herdsire, CCNF Invictus, now has confirmed pregnancies! The son of two Futurity Champions, MFI Peruvian Precocious and CCNF Opal, we are looking for this stellar beige colored male to do some exciting things within both our colored as well as our white breeding . . . → Read More: Invictus is fully operational!

Herd Health Days

It's called taking one for the team. Herd Manager, Kimberly McAllister, poses to show what happens when you get in the line of fire of one seriously pissed off (and very pregnant) CCNF Opal.

I think we just set a speed record for a full herd health session with all 230 animals getting their . . . → Read More: Herd Health Days

Promotion to the Stud Barn Part 2: CCNF Invictus

Invictus as a yearling at last falls' Green Mountain show. Was it 'da shoes? Probably not.

We had some suspicions about this young fellow when he first hit the ground. He just looked other. Admittedly when we bred Invictus’ dam Opal with his sire, Precocious, we were hoping for something a little darker than . . . → Read More: Promotion to the Stud Barn Part 2: CCNF Invictus

All they need is love…

The photo at left is of two siblings sharing a midday nap in the sun, though in this case the siblings in question are not twins. Every good picture deserves a good story of sorts…

We owe much to our beloved female Opal. It’s not enough that after winning multiple Championships herself, including two at . . . → Read More: All they need is love…

Mommy, how could you let them do that to me?

Contessa and Opal's boys at play

Johanna's little girl strikes a pose

Jen, Kim, and Sam spent most of yesterday afternoon doing what will most likely be the final cria shearings of 2011. We’ve learned the hard way over the years that if we push that activity much past September 1st around here, . . . → Read More: Mommy, how could you let them do that to me?