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Weaner, weaner on the wall…

Why we waited to do the 3rd round of weaning for the 2012 birth class until the coldest day yet in January was perhaps lost on all of us but oh, well. There were some monsters in this group too, with several of them near or over the 100 lb. mark. Of all the criticisms . . . → Read More: Weaner, weaner on the wall…

Vegas Baby!

We are proud to officially announce our participation in the upcoming Priority Alpaca Auction, taking place on Jan 25th & 26th in Las Vegas, NV! Having checked out the sale a couple of years ago just as attendees, we know what a first class event Silver Penn Sales and TnT Farms puts on there. The . . . → Read More: Vegas Baby!

Sales listings updated

Requiem's Matrix Majesty son strikes a pose last week.

So I have to confess that keeping up to date sales listings on our various presences on the web has not always been my, um…strong suit. Particularly this time of the year when between breeding and birthing — which are pretty much a constant from . . . → Read More: Sales listings updated

Solano’s turn…with a twist.

Not a whole lot going on here today in terms of action on the farm aside from a few breedings earlier in the day. We have a household of happy visitors in the forms of our old college friends and their kids as well as the younger of our two nieces seeking refuge from the . . . → Read More: Solano’s turn…with a twist.

Sisters that birth out together stay together?

Nutmeg and her newborn female cria yesterday afternoon

There are certain maternal lines within our breeding program that we really cannot get enough of. 5P Cangalli and her daughters Enchantress, Ascension, Requiem, and now littlest sister Sovereign Gemm fall into that category. Likewise for PP Jesusa, her wonder-kids Magdalena and Golden Sovereign, their sister . . . → Read More: Sisters that birth out together stay together?

Cas-Cad-Nac Farm’s Consignments at the 2010 National Elite Alpaca Auction: Lot #29 CCNF Requiem

Some times the question of who an animal is is just as important as the “what.” We have three females left to birth out this year and one of those is Requiem’s 15 year old dam, Cangalli, who all things being equal will be rebred again before the snow flies. That just might mean something…

. . . → Read More: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm’s Consignments at the 2010 National Elite Alpaca Auction: Lot #29 CCNF Requiem