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CCNF Andean Majesty, Lot #33 at the Breeders Edge

CCNF Andean Majesty: Snowmass Matrix Majesty x CCNF Andean Silk

We’re putting animals into an alpaca auction in Virginia…in the month of August. Hmm, why the sense of deja vu? 😉

As those of you that have followed our ups and downs over the years may recall, we were fortunate for several years (2008 . . . → Read More: CCNF Andean Majesty, Lot #33 at the Breeders Edge

Breeding special at the NAAS!

CCNF Invictus

You know having just written that headline, there are just so many things one could read into it. Does realizing that make me a bad person?

Leaving that existential question aside though, the whole purpose of this post was to announce that we will be offering a special promotion on the stud . . . → Read More: Breeding special at the NAAS!

Well, that’s different…

It has been an interesting few days here at the farm. Monday dawned with the news that one of our skinny mommas in the Arena’s warm room, Awesome Blossom, was stumbling around and eating sand. Never the the greatest start to any week. Though we knew that she had lost a lot of body condition . . . → Read More: Well, that’s different…

NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

All together now: the winning CCNF/TGF Get of Sire entry for Snowmass Elite Legend featuring (left to right) CCNF Hyperion, CCNF Elixir, and TGF Snow Legend. The 8 members of the Lutz and Munro families were all very happy with the result but SO ready to sleep in their own beds again by the . . . → Read More: NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

A girl we love

CCNF Andean Silk and her newborn daughter on Friday afternoon

In the 9 years since we were first partners in the Herdsires that are collectively known as the North American Alpaca Stud, few lines have garnered less attention while in point of fact getting more done than that of Snowmass Andean Bronze. While he . . . → Read More: A girl we love

Silken Damask cria #1

Silken Damask Cria #1

I’ve been meaning to get a picture of this little guy since he was born a couple of weeks ago but have always found myself at the Arena sans camera whenever I thought of it. The still unnamed boy will be at least bay black if not true black before . . . → Read More: Silken Damask cria #1

Take it all off (baby).

Some of the more frequently asked questions we field from other breeders and prospective alpaca owners, particularly this time of year, relate to the shearing of crias. Do we do it? If so, at what age and what are the benefits of doing so versus the downside of just leaving the tui fleece (the fleece . . . → Read More: Take it all off (baby).