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Making the fleece rounds…

The temperatures in northern New England have been fairly rude for the past month. Amongst other things, it has meant that the sartorial choices of those of us that work the farm have tended to be long on comfort and short on style, though the cold has not been entirely devoid of redeeming qualities. Parasites . . . → Read More: Making the fleece rounds…

CCNF results from the AOBA National Fleece Show

The Heirloom Fleece Cup from the 2013 AOBA National Fleece Show in Denver, CO.

I have to say that not personally being in Denver, Colorado this past May for the AOBA National Conference and Show was rather disappointing! It wasn’t because I loved the idea of driving 20+ hours with a trailer full of . . . → Read More: CCNF results from the AOBA National Fleece Show

Invictus and Tenacious have their first crias on the ground!

Sorry not to have posted anything in over a week. The past 7 days were taken up mostly by the craziness of our kids’ last week of school and all of the attendant events that surrounded that. With Sam graduating from our beloved Upper Valley Waldorf School as an 8th grader (he moves on to . . . → Read More: Invictus and Tenacious have their first crias on the ground!

Holding pattern

Random bits while waiting for the 2013 cria dam to truly break:

1. La Vie en Rose and Capella, who were both due in May have now had their crias (1 female, 1 male for whatever it’s worth) but that leaves 60+ more females that are due between now and December, the vast majority over . . . → Read More: Holding pattern

The running of the alpacas!

As of right now, the entire south side of the CCNF Arena, which normally houses 100+ animals during the colder months of the year, is completely empty! Jen and Kim spent this morning assembling two large groups of females from that barn which sits atop the farm here. The feed groups’ mission: to rotationally . . . → Read More: The running of the alpacas!

North American show recap

There is considerable history for us with the North American Alpaca Show, the vast majority of it good. For starters, having helped to run the show itself throughout its first 10 years of existence, it has managed to ingrain/ingratiate itself into our little family‚Äôs annual rhythm. In fact as I was coming to around 5:15 . . . → Read More: North American show recap

2012: 1st Place Finishes, Championships, and Specialty Awards

It’s that time again, when we look back at the previous year’s show winnings and howl at the moon for just a moment or two. 2012 marked Cas-Cad-Nac Farm’s 15th anniversary and as one might reasonably expect of a program that has been around that long, our winnings reflect the cumulative effect of careful and . . . → Read More: 2012: 1st Place Finishes, Championships, and Specialty Awards

A warm winter’s day…

Mud season has temporarily arrived about 10 weeks early this year. Last week I literally shoveled soggy hard pack out of our garage because our snow tires were creating virtual speed bumps as the mud sloughed off whenever we parked the cars. Even by typical January thaw standards this feels rather prolonged. I have to . . . → Read More: A warm winter’s day…

Taking stock

With our return home this past Sunday evening from the Vermont show, we concluded four straight weekends of alpaca events. Though fun throughout, the last three weekends have involved Jen and I being away from home three days of each week and sleeping in hotel beds of variable quality. At least Sam and Max were . . . → Read More: Taking stock

Bid to win a Precocious breeding at the Green Mountain show!

MFI Peruvian Precocious

Some of you may know that Cas-Cad-Nac Farm has a long history with the Umass Amherst Camelid Studies Program. It’s founder, Dr. Stephen Purdy, was our one-man-badsass-truck-driving veterinarian way back when this whole alpaca thing started for Jen and I in 1997. There was many a late night call that Steve . . . → Read More: Bid to win a Precocious breeding at the Green Mountain show!