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CCNF Acapella, Lot # 12 at the Snow Diamond Select Sale!

We are proud to be consignors at the upcoming inaugural Snow Diamond Select Sale, taking place in scenic Bend, OR on October 7th and 8th! Obviously, when going to the trouble of shipping an auction animal clear across to the other side of the country, it behooves us to consign someone rather special to represent . . . → Read More: CCNF Acapella, Lot # 12 at the Snow Diamond Select Sale!

Late summer meanderings.

Random musings from a long neglectful alpaca blogger as the leaves show their first little twinge of color here on the farm…

1. Had a great time at the Breeders Edge auction 2 weeks ago now, though I will freely admit that I mostly wimped out on wearing the long wig that I had brought . . . → Read More: Late summer meanderings.

Futurity 2015: Adventures in Road Tripping

What a way to go about acquiring a new truck! You can ask anyone that has survived my first 43 years on this earth: I’ve rarely been one to learn a lesson the easy way. When our farm truck experienced what were diagnosed at the time as fuel filter problems on the runs to/from the . . . → Read More: Futurity 2015: Adventures in Road Tripping

CCNF at the 2015 NAAS

CCNF Precipice: Judges’ Choice Huacaya Male at the 2015 North American Alpaca Show.

So after weeks of walking — maybe that should be “walking” — somewhat recalcitrant juvi alpacas up and down our hill in an attempt to train them, the 2015 show schedule for us finally got under way. Amongst the many great . . . → Read More: CCNF at the 2015 NAAS