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Getting the band back together one last time.

Tessora, Capuchin, Sugar Plum, (Moonbeam’s arse), and Freedom Reign enjoying some time in the sunshine today at the CCNF Main Barn.

As of this past weekend, virtually all of the animals that are going to be a part of our spring show strings over the next month and a half were together in one . . . → Read More: Getting the band back together one last time.

Making the fleece rounds…

The temperatures in northern New England have been fairly rude for the past month. Amongst other things, it has meant that the sartorial choices of those of us that work the farm have tended to be long on comfort and short on style, though the cold has not been entirely devoid of redeeming qualities. Parasites . . . → Read More: Making the fleece rounds…

Putting our faith in the next generation.

Brothers in Arms at the Empire Trifecta, our winning Get of Sire AND Breeders Best Three entry, front to back: CCNF Defiance, CCNF Elixir, and CCNF Hyperion

Some big news here. We are pleased to announce that after 2 1/2 years of co-owning Snowmass Elite Legend in partnership with both Snowmass Alpacas and Tripping . . . → Read More: Putting our faith in the next generation.

Counting down

It seems as though the time has just flown by lately. Between getting ready for the upcoming fall event season — which kicked off for us last weekend with Alpaca Farm Days but which starts in earnest next week in Syracuse, NY at the Empire show — and shuttling our kids to and from school . . . → Read More: Counting down

NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

All together now: the winning CCNF/TGF Get of Sire entry for Snowmass Elite Legend featuring (left to right) CCNF Hyperion, CCNF Elixir, and TGF Snow Legend. The 8 members of the Lutz and Munro families were all very happy with the result but SO ready to sleep in their own beds again by the . . . → Read More: NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

Avenger’s first cria at CCNF

Avenger's as yet unnamed daughter cushes next to her mom, Concordia. Please note the stylish and contrasting yellow dog sweater. All the rage during Fashion Week.

While we were off last weekend walking in circles at the Green Mountain Show, our four year old Herdsire, CCNF Avenger, very quietly wrote his name in . . . → Read More: Avenger’s first cria at CCNF

Getting our Bells rung

Sorry not to have posted as much lately. The truth is I didn’t expect that any of you would find stories of commutes to and from school/soccer practice/games mixed in with exciting tales of rain falling on an alpaca farm all that exciting. New England as a whole (yours truly included) has also spent the . . . → Read More: Getting our Bells rung

First day of school

After three months of having the boys around, the farm and particularly the house where my office is, is almost eerily quiet. I took Sam and Max to school this morning, having to leave 15 minutes earlier than normal in anticipation of the Irene-related detour we’ll be dealing with for many months ahead in the . . . → Read More: First day of school

I’ve been everywhere man (except in front of my computer)

I think the last eight days mark the first time since this blog started in August of 2010 that I have gone more than a week without a post. Now I’d love to tell you that it’s because of a long and sustained period of trial and tribulations and that the blisters on my fingers . . . → Read More: I’ve been everywhere man (except in front of my computer)

Avenger’s first!

Happy Hearts Bonita, CCNF Avenger x CCNF Saline

I was tickled the other day when a friend of ours, Sue Monat of Happy Hearts Alpaca Farm, sent me a photo of a newborn female cria. The little girl in question had just been delivered by Saline, the SuperNova daughter they had bought from us . . . → Read More: Avenger’s first!