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Legitimate Contender

TGF Legit at the 2013 Empire Extravaganza.

It is no secret that we are good friends with Ryen and Ursula Munro, the former owners of Tripping Gnome Farm Alpacas. Our two farms also shared a very close business relationship in recent years, owning several of our most prominent Herdsires together, and we were almost . . . → Read More: Legitimate Contender

An Alpaca Show Odyssey

The Crib Notes Version

It must be an alpaca road trip! Sam pushes our dolly towards the hotel elevator on Wednesday morning, 4/17 with some 150+ lb. of water jugs. His relative good cheer given that this was taken at 5:30 AM was most likely because of the fact that we were on our . . . → Read More: An Alpaca Show Odyssey

Mergers and acquisitions

Snowmass Conopa's Kahuna with Ryen on the lead line winning the Fawn Male Championship at the 2012 Futurity this past April. This was the second year in a row that Kahuna took that honor. Kahuna is now co owned with Pamela Brewster of Stillmeadow Farm.

I’ll admit that writing this post is very bittersweet . . . → Read More: Mergers and acquisitions

Letting go…

Snowmass Legacy Gold in 2007 at Tripping Gnome Farm.

There were some heavy hearts around here late yesterday afternoon. Though we had known it was coming for quite some time, yesterday was a tough one as we finally made the decision to put down both Legacy Gold and 5P Cangalli.

LG, who had lost . . . → Read More: Letting go…

On the road again (and again)

Having unloaded the trailer from Syracuse show last night and gotten the show animals back into their pens by 9:15 or so, yours truly was home for all of 10 hours before heading back onto the road earlier today to bring Cameron back to our partner’s farm (Emelise Alpacas) in NJ. Oh, woe is you . . . → Read More: On the road again (and again)

Back to the Futurity, Part #2

CCNF Tanzania ends her show career on a hight note!

We went to Nebraska last week hopeful that we would compete if nothing else. While we have certainly had our share of success stories at the Futurity over the years, there have also been many times when we have gone with animals we genuinely . . . → Read More: Back to the Futurity, Part #2

NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

All together now: the winning CCNF/TGF Get of Sire entry for Snowmass Elite Legend featuring (left to right) CCNF Hyperion, CCNF Elixir, and TGF Snow Legend. The 8 members of the Lutz and Munro families were all very happy with the result but SO ready to sleep in their own beds again by the . . . → Read More: NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

Empire state of mind

This could get ugly before we're through. Three fawn females from Tripping Gnome Farm, including the eventual Champion, with three handlers from CCNF. Sam Lutz quietly schools his parents (again). Photograph courtesy of Doug Herrmann.

I really do enjoy being at alpaca shows once we’re there at a given event, all setup and . . . → Read More: Empire state of mind

Getting in a final lick or two

Yours truly is just back from what was hopefully my final drive-by breeding to Maine, at least for the month of August! The company at TGF was of course wonderful as always though making that trek on a weekly basis could get to be a bit much. We needed to do what we needed to . . . → Read More: Getting in a final lick or two

Chillin’ with our Gnomeys

We’re actually away for a couple of nights in Montreal, Quebec seeing U2 (yes, again) in this most European of North American cities. Last night we took our kids to see and hear the band whose music, I in particular, have subjected them to ever since they were born. Though getting to bed around midnight . . . → Read More: Chillin’ with our Gnomeys