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CCNF Dreadnought: Rookie Got Game!

CCNF Dreadnought at the 2017 North American Alpaca Show.

We are pleased to announce that our rookie Herdsire and newly-minted AOA National Fleece Show Fawn Champion Male, CCNF Dreadnought, has achieved his first confirmed pregnancies here at CCNF! This is very good thing creating real clarity going forward, particularly for yours truly who manages . . . → Read More: CCNF Dreadnought: Rookie Got Game!

Surrogate dams to the rescue (again).

Let’s face it, with a herd our size bad stuff just happens sometimes. This is particularly true where the question of our production females are concerned. With 70 to 80 expectant females each calendar year, the odds of us going through a full birthing season drama-free are pretty much nonexistent. Even with 17 years of . . . → Read More: Surrogate dams to the rescue (again).

Elixir’s first cria at CCNF!

Elixir and Scrumptious’ litte girl grabs some sunshine outside of the CCNF Arena earlier today.

How slammed have we been the past few days? Well the news in question is 48 hours old and here I am just getting it out there now! It was only fitting that on the day that our crown . . . → Read More: Elixir’s first cria at CCNF!

Graze naked

The juvenile females off the north side of the CCNF Main Barn this afternoon. After exceptional rainfalls of late, the farm has more grass than we can keep up with. It’s a matter of trying to get the animals *to* the grass!

The herd at CCNF has actually been shorn for almost 2 weeks . . . → Read More: Graze naked

CCNF Centurion takes his place at the table

CCNF Centurion, Judges’ Choice Huacaya Male at the 2014 Futurity.

Just finished putting the finale edits and touches on Centurion’s listing as he, rightly, makes a reappearance on the web alongside his brother Elixir, his sire Matrix Majesty, and his grandsire Archangel as a CCNF Herdsire. While Centurion is still 3 months shy of . . . → Read More: CCNF Centurion takes his place at the table

Our Cups runneth over.

We got word this week that CCNF was declared the winner of both the AOA Heirloom Halter Cup and the AOA Heirloom Fleece Cup at the recently completed Alpaca Owners Association National Alpaca Show in Harrisburg, PA! That means that we were the top overall point getters in the “large farm” division. Though it’s not . . . → Read More: Our Cups runneth over.

Beautiful Silence

While working in the Arena the other day, I had an auditory epiphany of sorts. Though we had been going for days (and some times weeks…when it wasn’t 90 degrees) at a time with all of the hanging fans up there turned off as the days and nights had turned cooler, there was a greater . . . → Read More: Beautiful Silence

Little Big Man is *back* in the house!


Elixir came home yesterday, delivered to CCNF — and in the air-conditioned comfort of Penny’s car no less — by our friends and his co owners at A Paca Fun Farm in Maryland! I’m looking forward to having him here and trying to get him working in the next few days. There is . . . → Read More: Little Big Man is *back* in the house!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

We had kind of a rough morning on Tuesday. One of our Archangel daughters, Bellafina (maternal daughter of our dearly departed PPPeruvian Pachelbel and the dam of CCNF Pachelbel, Bellerophon, and Expialidocious), who was out grazing an outer paddock with our large group of pregnant females due later in the year, was found to be . . . → Read More: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

CCNF results from the MAPACA Jubilee Fleece Show

CCNF Invictus

With some official results posted the other day on AOBA’s web site, we are now able to start reporting on some of our our winnings from the spring fleece shows! MAPACA was the first fleece show of the spring for us, and like the PAOBA Breeder’s Showcase which followed shortly thereafter, our . . . → Read More: CCNF results from the MAPACA Jubilee Fleece Show