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CCNF at the 2016 AOA National Fleece Show

Hey, ever wonder why those that work in Washington, D.C. and have a choice in the matter, get the heck out of Dodge during the dog days of summer? The Lutz family became intimately familiar with the answer a couple of weeks back, while using the presence of the AOA National Fleece Conference and Show, . . . → Read More: CCNF at the 2016 AOA National Fleece Show

Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #2

Amid the chaos that was Cas-Cad-Nac Farm in the month of June, Jennifer spent several weeks trying to carve out the time to properly skirt our 45 entries for the National Fleece Show in Denver. Something that would have normally gotten done weeks in advance — we sheared at the end of April/beginning of May . . . → Read More: Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #2

Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #1

It was June of 1996, not quite a year past our wedding day (more on that later), and Jen and I were in Denver, Colorado attending our first ever AOBA national conference and show. Though we didn’t yet own our first alpacas, we had purchased the house and parcel of land back home in VT . . . → Read More: Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #1

Fleur gets a new home!

CCNF Fleur: headed to her new home at Stillmeadow Farm Alpacas.

We want to extend our deepest thanks to Pamela Brewster of Stillmeadow Farm Alpacas for her purchase of CCNF Fleur this past weekend at the 2014 Parade of Champions Sale! Of course Pam and her crew are not unfamiliar to us in the . . . → Read More: Fleur gets a new home!

To Norway, with love.

Amidst all of the craziness of the past month, one of the coolest things we got to do, was to host the Sjøli family of Alpacajoy of Norway here at the farm during the first week of April! Laila we had met for the first time briefly last year when she and her colleague, Rolf . . . → Read More: To Norway, with love.

Terra firma

The wee Lutz clan landed late yesterday afternoon in Boston, along with our friends that had been with us for the past 10 or so days in the British Virgin Islands onboard our chartered sailboat. Though it’s always a bit shocking to go from 85 degrees and sunny to the heart of winter, at least . . . → Read More: Terra firma

Recharging some batteries

Sunrise this morning behind Ginger Island @ 7AM…

The Lutz family is not currently home at CCNF. In fact, minus the odd text back and forth between Jen and Kim who is holding the fort as always, as well as a couple of token blog posts by yours truly, we’re not really even thinking . . . → Read More: Recharging some batteries

Life, Love, & Florence

The Duomo of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore looms in the background in Florence last Saturday afternoon.

We finally made it home late last night from our family trip to Italy after a brief — and unplanned — 24 hour layover in Munich, Germany. Having failed to make our homebound connection to . . . → Read More: Life, Love, & Florence

Not all who wander are lost?

The gang all pause early on to catch a peek above the corn…

Five years ago we started an August/September tradition of taking our kids, and often some of their friends, up to the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville. It has never let us down. Yes, after 90+ minutes of wandering around the . . . → Read More: Not all who wander are lost?

CCNF at Weathersfield’s 250th Anniversary

Jen and the kiddos walk Conceptious, Smoke Ring, Sundowner, Inferno, and Booger in the parade.

So for those of you that aren’t aware, Cas-Cad-Nac Farm is in fact located in the rather large town of Weathersfield, VT. It’s a classic New England thing. Perkinsville, which appears in our mailing address is just a small . . . → Read More: CCNF at Weathersfield’s 250th Anniversary