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CCNF Adanna, CCNF Charmaine, and the Parade of Champions Auction: Closing Arguments

Hey, did you here that there’s an alpaca auction in 5 days? Truthfully, given the way we and our fellow consignors have been carpet bombing the various electronic mediums of alpacadom, if you still aren’t aware of the upcoming Parade of Champions sale, to be held this coming Friday/Saturday at Little Creek Farm in North Salem, NY you are either, A. an alpaca person living under a rock, or B. not an alpaca person (for shame!) and you probably weren’t really all that inclined to be interested in the first place. Your loss, you silly people.

So why come to the POC? Well, for starters I believe it to be far and away the single best alpaca seed stock auction in the United States. Full stop. The quality, year in and year out, of the animals one gets a chance to bid on at the POC is perhaps only rivaled by the Futurity sale at its best. The POC is also just a really fun event, run by great people (looking at you Lynn and Susanne), with vital and important educational opportunities for both alpaca breeders and would-be alpaca breeders of all levels of experience. We have always appreciated the POC’s bent towards the new and the avant-garde when it comes to tackling the most vital and prescient topics in our industry, and this year’s seminars show no signs of a let-down in that regard. You can even come and see yours truly (gulp) moderate a round table discussion on Saturday morning featuring Stacie Chavez of Sky Ridge Alpacas, Kara McElroy of Buck Brook Alpaca, and Alvina Maynard of River Hill Ranch, looking at 3 different successful business models in the US alpaca industry. My job will be to primarily stay out of the way and let these three accomplished and amazing businesswomen talk about their respective stories! I’m just flattered to be facilitating in some small way.

So…about those alpacas of ours in the headline above? Though we had some unfortunate veterinary drama involving a nasty and persistent ear infection with one of our original consignments, we are still really psyched to be able to offer the two females we have at this year’s POC!

CCNF Adanna (CCNF Elixir x CCNF Tanzania), Reserve Champion Fawn Female at the 2017 NAAS.

CCNF Adanna, who was drafted into the sale just a couple of weeks ago to replace our original Lot #9, came right out of her first go-round as a member of our show string where she won a couple of 1sts and and a Reserve Championship. Speaking of things which are prescient, she also has the rather unique distinction of being the first CCNF Elixir — the newly minted 2017 Futurity Herdsire of the Year — daughter we have ever offered for sale via auction. Though still just a juvenile, we would not have even bothered putting Adanna up for auction unless we genuinely believed in her and her qualities. Don’t take my word for it though, come and check her out! You can read about Adanna on her Openherd page here. You can see a photo album of Adanna and her various relatives by clicking here.

CCNF Charmaine, Lot #40, is our beige Snowmass Matrix Majesty daughter who is not only a genetic powerhouse in her own right but also a consignment that really builds on last year’s narrative that saw us sell our young Elixir/Majesty cross, CCNF Leviathan, at the 2016 POC sale. Now almost breeding age himself, Leviathan has since that time been the winner of 4 more color Championships, including at the 2017 Futurity, for his new owners at Stillmeadow Farm Alpacas. Leviathan’s bona fides are simply not in question. The important connection here is that Charmaine, who is an unbred maiden at this writing, is the full sister — and we would argue the more advanced full sister — of CCNF Capuchin, who just so happens to be Leviathan’s dam. It also absolutely needs to be pointed out that Capuchin’s latest cria, CCNF Sentinel, who is in turn Leviathan’s full sibling, is at least as good as his older brother, probably a little better actually – were we to handicap things. As anyone who has bred livestock for any considerable amount of time can attest, there is no such thing as a sure thing. That said, based upon the considerable body of evidence, CCNF Charmaine x CCNF Elixir ought to come pretty darn close though. You can read about Charmaine and all of her loveliness here! To see a picture album featuring Charmaine and all of the animals referenced above, click here.

For those that have already RSVPed to the Parade of Champions, thank you and we look forward to seeing you there. For you fence sitters, it is of course not too late to RSVP now! For those that are interested in bidding on alpacas in the sale but who will be unable to make it in person, please contact Silver Penn Sales at (724) 554-2013. The team at SPS would be thrilled to talk with you about phone and/or proxy bidding. For our part, we would of course be happy to answer any and all questions would-be bidders have about either Adanna or Charmaine, so please feel free to contact us via phone (802-263-5740) or email (info@CCNFAlpacas.com) if you have any. Regardless, we are looking forward to what should be a great weekend at the POC!

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