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CCNF Dreadnought: Rookie Got Game!

CCNF Dreadnought at the 2017 North American Alpaca Show.

We are pleased to announce that our rookie Herdsire and newly-minted AOA National Fleece Show Fawn Champion Male, CCNF Dreadnought, has achieved his first confirmed pregnancies here at CCNF! This is very good thing creating real clarity going forward, particularly for yours truly who manages the breeding around these parts. Though Dreadnought had both his sire, CCNF Elixir, and maternal grandsire, Snowmass Matrix Majesty, backing him up in the event that things didn’t work out as initially hoped, Dreader’s ability to work from the get-go means that we can really begin asking serious genetic questions of this exciting young hybrid male within the coming year. The list of our 20+ females who are scheduled to connect with the young fellow in 2017 alone, kind of a who’s-who of our colored breeding program, speaks volumes of how we rate him in the big picture as we don’t place that kind of bet on just any old chump.

Some other Herdsires (whose identities shall remain anonymous so as protect their reputations as the virile creatures they all like to imagine they are and always have been) around here have not always been so prolific, particularly as 2 year olds, in past years displaying breeding mechanics that made their handler — and we take that “handling” part of our young Herdsires rather literally here: they often need to know what goes where — ride the emotional spectrum somewhere between mild frustration and utter despondency at the seeming lack of aptitude. Alpaca breeding as a full-contact sport? Yeah, something like that. “You couldn’t hit the water if you fell out of a f*%#@!% boat!” has been uttered/growled under my breath more than once in a breeding season when young alpaca males were first starting the jobs for which Mother Nature ultimately designed them.

Not so in Dreadnought’s case though! He in fact achieved live pregnancies on his first two breedings ever (with our stalwart foundation females, Johanna and Moonlight, no less) which while not without some precedence around here, is nonetheless rare and was a very welcome surprise. Now we wait and see!¬† CCNF Dreadnought is available for outside service throughout 2017 at an introductory stud fee of $3,000.

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