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A new partnership with an old friend!

CCNF Rise Up at the 2017 NEAOBA Alpaca Fall Spectacular.

We are thrilled to announce that Bari Padgett of Paragon Alpacas (and A Paca Fun Farm) now co-owns our yearling Herdsire, CCNF Rise Up (CCNF Eternal Rose x CCNF Elixir), with us! A key cog in our 2017 show team, Rise Up was/is part of the second wave of CCNF Elixir-Snowmass Matrix Majesty crosses that we had born here in 2016. The maternal great-grandson of our super-dam, CCNF Magdalena (and therefore also the great-great-grandson of the almighty PPeruvian Jesusa), Rise Up carries in his genetics much of the best our breeding program has produced over its 20 years of existence.

As for our friend, the lovely Ms. Padgett, we have quite literally seen Bari grow up before our eyes (she was perhaps 11 years old the first time we met her and her folks) in this business and the idea of sharing an animal with someone considerably younger than us, in an industry undeniably dominated by Boomers up until now, is at the very least both very cool and honestly, kind of novel!

We have of course co-owned Elixir himself (yeah, just him) with the Padgett clan and A Paca Fun Farm since that fateful day at the 2012 North American show, though we had always admired our friends’ breeding program(s) and its goals long before that, even if we had mostly confined ourselves to different ends of the alpaca color spectrum over the years. We are suckers for doing business and in particular co-owning animals (while also detouring into long, ongoing existential discussions, perhaps occasionally fueled by slightly excessive quantities of french vodka) with people whom we adore, and you can certainly add this additional partnership with Bari and Paragon to that list! So what could Paragon’s breeding program focused on black and grey genetics possibly want with a fading fawn (some might even say tuxedo patterned) young male, unrelated to the vast majority of its colored herd? Time will tell of course. 😉 We can’t wait to see what happens next…but in the mean time, I have another excuse to make a road trip down to Maryland!

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