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Settling in…

As I write this on early Friday afternoon there is technically snow falling outside of my office window. Though I am an enthusiastic alpine skier, I can’t claim to be totally happy about this. I suspect my psychological state, at least this time of the year, consistently lags behind the local climactic reality by at . . . → Read More: Settling in…

Moving into launch position

With the the entire crew here lending a hand this past Monday, we made short work of herd health day. Though I had to take off around 2PM to fetch the kiddos from school, by the time I returned it was all done. Done! Though I can’t seem to put my finger on it exactly, . . . → Read More: Moving into launch position

Better safe…

So the warm spell of about 10 days ago is mostly just a memory now as we don hats, gloves, and long underwear (if we’re smart) anytime we go out to work in the barns. I made the mistake of stepping outside yesterday for a farm visit without gloves on and found myself chattering my . . . → Read More: Better safe…

Farm shift

The large group of females on the outer paddocks atop the farm came back into the Arena today, another sure sign that the days are getting shorter and colder weather is upon us. That feed group, which starts outside for the first time in the late spring just after shearing, was originally as many as . . . → Read More: Farm shift

Herd health, herd smealth

So we whacked out an (almost) full sized version of herd health day yesterday in under 6 hours. Under 5 hours actually if you don’t count lunch. Dare I say it was almost enjoyable? There is no doubt that, in this case especially, many hands made light work though. Having already tended late last week . . . → Read More: Herd health, herd smealth

Herd Health Days

It's called taking one for the team. Herd Manager, Kimberly McAllister, poses to show what happens when you get in the line of fire of one seriously pissed off (and very pregnant) CCNF Opal.

I think we just set a speed record for a full herd health session with all 230 animals getting their . . . → Read More: Herd Health Days

Mother Nature doesn’t like to trim toe nails either!

At least that’s how I’m choosing to interpret the arrival of close to a foot of snow last night. The last time we were due to trim nails herd-wide back in January it snowed several inches as well. Seems to me the evidence is pretty clear. Either that or the good Mother is just poking . . . → Read More: Mother Nature doesn’t like to trim toe nails either!

Herd health day interrupted for the right reasons

With our kids’ Thursday afternoon ski program scheduled to start up this week, what could have been a rather scattered day filled with multiple commutes in two different directions, instead got fairly straightforward when Mother Nature intervened and gave us our first snow day of 2012. There I was, shortly after 6AM, refreshing the school . . . → Read More: Herd health day interrupted for the right reasons

Back at it

We just got home last night after 12 marvelous days away in the BVI sailing with the Young clan. Other than a slightly finicky onboard generator, the time afloat was essentially flawless. I still have Kelsey Young’s good natured (and slightly naughty in the best sense of the word) cackle burned into my auditory memory . . . → Read More: Back at it

Herd health days, what herd health days?

That was easy and dare I say it even: kind of fun. With a full and experienced crew of 6, including both of our kids, we whipped through the entire herd in just a day and a half. In reality less even as we stopped yesterday around 2PM to take in hay (and in my . . . → Read More: Herd health days, what herd health days?