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An appreciation of an old friend…

SHRA Virtual’s Reality in the summer of 2001, soon after arriving here at her new home as a juvenile. Insets: Reality posing later in ’01 with her loot from that year’s AOBA National Show, and looking rather pissed off at me in August 2012 as she nurses a newborn CCNF Magistrate.

With heavy hearts . . . → Read More: An appreciation of an old friend…

CCNF results from the AOBA National Fleece Show

The Heirloom Fleece Cup from the 2013 AOBA National Fleece Show in Denver, CO.

I have to say that not personally being in Denver, Colorado this past May for the AOBA National Conference and Show was rather disappointing! It wasn’t because I loved the idea of driving 20+ hours with a trailer full of . . . → Read More: CCNF results from the AOBA National Fleece Show

Baby Bells

Bellafina's Precocious daughter born last week.

One of the trends that we’ve really started to see play out here at CCNF over the past 4 or 5 months has been the clustering of mother-daughter (Magdalena along with her adult daughters Johanna and Lilah, Reality and her daughters Nutmeg and Acomani, Sugar Snow and Sugar . . . → Read More: Baby Bells

Speaking of the Reality line…

CCNF Wayfarer

This is starting to sound like a broken record. Not since the ascension of the powerful birth class of 2003 (it produced Archangel and Golden Sovereign amongst others) have we had a crop of such exciting young homegrown Herdsires all come online in one year here at CCNF. Though we have obviously . . . → Read More: Speaking of the Reality line…

Adventures in birthing

What are you looking at fool? Reality gives me the evil eye while nursing her new baby yesterday afternoon.

What were you doing Wednesday morning @ 6AM? Personally, I was snuggled all nice and cozy underneath the quilt on our bed in that lovely state of semi-consciousness one gets to experience when you have . . . → Read More: Adventures in birthing

Rounding into form: CCNF Wayfarer

CCNF Wayfarer: 2011 Empire Extravaganza Fawn Male Champion. Photograph by Doug Herrmann

Amongst the many gratifying results we achieved last weekend in Syracuse was the win by our Ring of Fire son, CCNF Wayfarer. Though he had always been in the mix so to speak since he first joined our show string as a . . . → Read More: Rounding into form: CCNF Wayfarer

Sisters that birth out together stay together?

Nutmeg and her newborn female cria yesterday afternoon

There are certain maternal lines within our breeding program that we really cannot get enough of. 5P Cangalli and her daughters Enchantress, Ascension, Requiem, and now littlest sister Sovereign Gemm fall into that category. Likewise for PP Jesusa, her wonder-kids Magdalena and Golden Sovereign, their sister . . . → Read More: Sisters that birth out together stay together?

Shared Custody Agreement

Two mamas are better than one: CCNF Octavio, November 2010

So there we were back in August eagerly awaiting the due date of arguably the most valuable colored female on our farm, Reality (SHRA Virtual’s Reality if you seek her out on ARI). How important was/is she to us and our big picture? We . . . → Read More: Shared Custody Agreement