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2016 Parade of Champions, Lot #4: CCNF Antebellum

CCNF Antebellum (CCNF Bellisima x Snowmass Matrix Majesty).

We have consigned three animals to the upcoming Parade of Champions sale, this year being held on June 4th, again at beautiful Little Creek Farm/Accoyo America in North Salem, NY. In an industry that has had to get decidedly leaner and meaner in recent times, the . . . → Read More: 2016 Parade of Champions, Lot #4: CCNF Antebellum

CCNF at *THE* Showtacular!

So…about those show results from the combined Empire Alpaca Extravaganza and NEAOBA Fall Alpaca Show (hands down winner of the award for most utilitarian show name, BTW, perhaps a reaction to its previous incarnation when it was know as the Green Mountain Alpaca Fall Spectacular?), that together formed our new favorite show weekend, AKA, The . . . → Read More: CCNF at *THE* Showtacular!

NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

All together now: the winning CCNF/TGF Get of Sire entry for Snowmass Elite Legend featuring (left to right) CCNF Hyperion, CCNF Elixir, and TGF Snow Legend. The 8 members of the Lutz and Munro families were all very happy with the result but SO ready to sleep in their own beds again by the . . . → Read More: NAAS Recap Part #2: Debutantes and Wily Veterans

Promotion to the Stud Barn Part 2: CCNF Invictus

Invictus as a yearling at last falls' Green Mountain show. Was it 'da shoes? Probably not.

We had some suspicions about this young fellow when he first hit the ground. He just looked other. Admittedly when we bred Invictus’ dam Opal with his sire, Precocious, we were hoping for something a little darker than . . . → Read More: Promotion to the Stud Barn Part 2: CCNF Invictus

Then there was this guy!

Jen and CCNF Bellagio at the 2011 Empire Extravaganza show

Bellagio is admittedly one young boy that slipped through the sales list cracks. He was a relatively late birth in 2010 and as such was really off of our radar screen a bit, not having been ready for show duty yet last spring. As . . . → Read More: Then there was this guy!

A final gift

Jennifer starts to peel the membranes off of Saphira's new cria just moments after its birth.

After making us sweat for several weeks Saphira finally had her first cria yesterday afternoon. It was the sort of uneventful maiden birth that makes you think she’d always known how to do that. “Thanks for watching but . . . → Read More: A final gift

Never a dull moment

The funny thing was that we were supposed to have a quick and easy herd health day last Sunday in a month when all we had to do was shots and body scoring. In the normal course of things that should have taken us maybe 5 cumulative hours to go through the 220 +/- animals . . . → Read More: Never a dull moment

A deal that went horribly, terribly right.

It was some five and a half years ago as I sat in my basement office searching the internet for new light colored females to add to our foundation herd that we came across Tessora. Her discovery came after several frustrating days of calling up breeders that had females listed, often times for exorbitant prices . . . → Read More: A deal that went horribly, terribly right.

On Deck

There has been a shift in the daily schedule here necessitated by the time of year. Specifically there are females that are now 10.5 months removed from the date on which they were bred. Though the average gestation here has historically gone some 11 months and 10 days or so we have learned the hard . . . → Read More: On Deck

2010: Grinding out results and retooling for the road ahead

My apologies for not posting anything these past few days: I wanted to make sure I got this behemoth right. So I really hadn’t planned on things lining up this way but as it turns out this year-in-review/show results tittle-tattle has the trivial distinction of being the new CCNF Chronicles’ 100th post since its inception . . . → Read More: 2010: Grinding out results and retooling for the road ahead