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Getting ready for a long winter’s nap?

After a fall that felt particularly chaotic, one would think that things would chill out around here as the days grow increasingly shorter and we stare down the winter solstice. We had after all gone through (in no particular order): a double show in Syracuse, a weekend auction in Oregon, Jen spending days on end . . . → Read More: Getting ready for a long winter’s nap?

Settling in…

As I write this on early Friday afternoon there is technically snow falling outside of my office window. Though I am an enthusiastic alpine skier, I can’t claim to be totally happy about this. I suspect my psychological state, at least this time of the year, consistently lags behind the local climactic reality by at . . . → Read More: Settling in…

The running of the alpacas!

As of right now, the entire south side of the CCNF Arena, which normally houses 100+ animals during the colder months of the year, is completely empty! Jen and Kim spent this morning assembling two large groups of females from that barn which sits atop the farm here. The feed groups’ mission: to rotationally . . . → Read More: The running of the alpacas!

They’re sexy and they know it

Our group of shorn juvenile females enjoys some green grass on late Sunday afternoon.

Mother Nature was toying with us yesterday on our last scheduled shearing day of 2013. I got back from dropping the boys off at school and pulled into the Arena’s parking lot here at the farm only to see snow . . . → Read More: They’re sexy and they know it

And on the 8th day of May…

The apple blossoms in the old orchard below our house are starting to do their thing!

It finally *%$#*# rained! Whether you grow vegetables for a living like our farmer friends Kathy Bennett (also our boys’ live saving dyslexia tutor) and her husband Alex MacLennan down the road, milk cows, make hay, or raise . . . → Read More: And on the 8th day of May…

Farm shift

The large group of females on the outer paddocks atop the farm came back into the Arena today, another sure sign that the days are getting shorter and colder weather is upon us. That feed group, which starts outside for the first time in the late spring just after shearing, was originally as many as . . . → Read More: Farm shift

Go forth and eat grass

The exodus from the winter/spring dry lots has begun in earnest here at CCNF. After more than a month of having to keep animals off of the pastures at the Main Barn for reasons mostly related to keeping their fleeces clean, Sunday there was a mass stampede as all of the feed groups charged out . . . → Read More: Go forth and eat grass

A funny thing happened on the way to the sugar float (AKA fun with parasite management)

Oh the joy that is parasite management on an alpaca farm! Jen and Kim have spent the past several weeks meticulously going through the entire herd, one feed group at a time, doing fecal tests on every alpaca on the farm. Unfortunately there is no cool and easy way to get those individual samples other . . . → Read More: A funny thing happened on the way to the sugar float (AKA fun with parasite management)

It’s black gold I tell ya!

Fall and winter prep has continued at full pace here over the past week. Not even the shearing off of the PTO shaft on our large manure spreader could slow our crew down for long. In fact as I write this, the pastures immediately around the Main Barn have been almost completely top-dressed with the . . . → Read More: It’s black gold I tell ya!