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Futurity 2015: Adventures in Road Tripping

What a way to go about acquiring a new truck! You can ask anyone that has survived my first 43 years on this earth: I’ve rarely been one to learn a lesson the easy way. When our farm truck experienced what were diagnosed at the time as fuel filter problems on the runs to/from the . . . → Read More: Futurity 2015: Adventures in Road Tripping

Making our way (slowly) up and over, AKA: Adventures in Exportation

This past week was a bit of a crazy one here for the Lutz clan at CCNF. Two separate trips into Canada (the second of which involved hauling alpacas), one snow day for our kids, and one stubborn-ass three day Nor’Easter storm later, we are now all good though!

This whole adventure had its genesis . . . → Read More: Making our way (slowly) up and over, AKA: Adventures in Exportation

The calm after the storm

It’s been more than 20 days since I last posted anything here on the farm blog. Twenty days that were busy and filled almost completely with good things, though there is undeniable relief in this family, that the craziness that the month of April always throws our way has passed yet again. I walked up . . . → Read More: The calm after the storm

To Harrisburg and back again…

CCNF Marick, 2014 AOA National Show Brown Huacaya Male Champion and Judges’ Choice Huacaya Male with judges Diana Timmerman, Kristin Buhrmann, Amanda VandenBosch, and Jude Anderson along with two hooligans from Vermont.

Oh, the joys of a late winter road trip! After watching and fretting over the weather forecast starting almost a week in . . . → Read More: To Harrisburg and back again…

An Alpaca Show Odyssey

The Crib Notes Version

It must be an alpaca road trip! Sam pushes our dolly towards the hotel elevator on Wednesday morning, 4/17 with some 150+ lb. of water jugs. His relative good cheer given that this was taken at 5:30 AM was most likely because of the fact that we were on our . . . → Read More: An Alpaca Show Odyssey

Thank You Priority!

We arrived home at midday today to find that all was more or less calm on the farm. This after being away at the Priority sale in Las Vegas since Wednesday of last week. I’m now sitting here contemplating the weekend that just was while the snow quietly falls outside (they’re saying we could get . . . → Read More: Thank You Priority!

Taking stock

With our return home this past Sunday evening from the Vermont show, we concluded four straight weekends of alpaca events. Though fun throughout, the last three weekends have involved Jen and I being away from home three days of each week and sleeping in hotel beds of variable quality. At least Sam and Max were . . . → Read More: Taking stock

On the road again (and again)

Having unloaded the trailer from Syracuse show last night and gotten the show animals back into their pens by 9:15 or so, yours truly was home for all of 10 hours before heading back onto the road earlier today to bring Cameron back to our partner’s farm (Emelise Alpacas) in NJ. Oh, woe is you . . . → Read More: On the road again (and again)

Knackered but happy

Man, was it ever nice to actually sleep through last night here at home, even if the residual adrenaline of the road trip did initially keep me up past my normal bedtime. At some point on Monday evening as my friend Ryen Munro and I were driving our way back home through the cornfields of . . . → Read More: Knackered but happy

Ian, Sam, Ryen, Dave, and 60 alpacas in Nebraska…

Oh, the joys of a road trip! We’re sitting here in our hotel room in Grand Island, NE after 24 + hours of driving since Tuesday. We pulled in this morning for the Futurity after spending the night just a couple of hours away in Omaha. The 60 or so critters that were part of . . . → Read More: Ian, Sam, Ryen, Dave, and 60 alpacas in Nebraska…