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On the end of birthing/breeding season, semi-empty nests, and Hurricane Irma.

Greetings from the far side of birthing season! Seems like just yesterday that Jen and I were coming up with breeding assignments — which Herdsires would breed with which females — for the 2017 season and that she and our herd manager, Kim Duprey, were staring down a list of some 75+ due females for . . . → Read More: On the end of birthing/breeding season, semi-empty nests, and Hurricane Irma.

Look At Where We Are, Look At Where We Started: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm Turns 20

Just getting warmed up: the Lutz family in 2005 outside of the CCNF Main Barn. Though this photo was more of an outtake from a series snapped by our friend, Jen Esposito, to those people that know them well, this pic pretty much encapsulates our boys’ personalities, both then and now.

Most everyone that . . . → Read More: Look At Where We Are, Look At Where We Started: Cas-Cad-Nac Farm Turns 20

CCNF at the 2016 AOA National Fleece Show

Hey, ever wonder why those that work in Washington, D.C. and have a choice in the matter, get the heck out of Dodge during the dog days of summer? The Lutz family became intimately familiar with the answer a couple of weeks back, while using the presence of the AOA National Fleece Conference and Show, . . . → Read More: CCNF at the 2016 AOA National Fleece Show

Early Summer Roundup

Unloading the mental desk drawer of the CCNF blogger while wondering which alpaca female it is that I forgot to get bred this morning…’cause it’s that time of year.

Bombing around the Norwegian fjords north of the Arctic Circle, Sam and Jen forgot their sunglasses before we all went up on deck. They can . . . → Read More: Early Summer Roundup

Change o’ Plans…

For several years now, your loyal (if lately less frequent) blogger has sabre-rattled about skipping the Futurity Show, in favor of spending our kids’ April break together, doing something other than driving 40+ hours round-trip and showing alpacas on the same weekend that more often than not has coincided with our elder son’s birthday. Now, . . . → Read More: Change o’ Plans…

Winter Meanderings


CCNF Cosmopolitan (CCNF Elixir x CCNF Gabbana) enjoys a rare snowy day in January.

It sure has been a strange winter here in Vermont so far. While alpaca friends of ours as far south as Maryland had 3 feet of snow fall in a single event a couple of weeks back — I . . . → Read More: Winter Meanderings

Late summer meanderings.

Random musings from a long neglectful alpaca blogger as the leaves show their first little twinge of color here on the farm…

1. Had a great time at the Breeders Edge auction 2 weeks ago now, though I will freely admit that I mostly wimped out on wearing the long wig that I had brought . . . → Read More: Late summer meanderings.

Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #2

Amid the chaos that was Cas-Cad-Nac Farm in the month of June, Jennifer spent several weeks trying to carve out the time to properly skirt our 45 entries for the National Fleece Show in Denver. Something that would have normally gotten done weeks in advance — we sheared at the end of April/beginning of May . . . → Read More: Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #2

Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #1

It was June of 1996, not quite a year past our wedding day (more on that later), and Jen and I were in Denver, Colorado attending our first ever AOBA national conference and show. Though we didn’t yet own our first alpacas, we had purchased the house and parcel of land back home in VT . . . → Read More: Rocky Mountain Fever, Part #1

Into Summer…

Wow, the last few weeks feel like they took place at double speed and one result of that, is that this space has been conspicuously neglected. We went from putting the final touches on our new farm cookbook (read: immersed in proofreading and the annoying minutiae until we really didn’t feel like looking at it . . . → Read More: Into Summer…